Monday, October 09, 2006

Working at Forum

I have no idea if the sketch to go with this is up or not, its not where I can see it!
This is a sketch of the rather uncomfortable conditions I worked in at Forum class, on a high stool at a high desk in the science lab! At least we had room to spread and it was light.
Today was busy, as usual, I had forgotten I had a Womens and Childrens AGM to go to for the local auxilliary, I am still their patron. Very interesting guest speaker, but I was still tired after my busy few days. Home for a sleep!! Well a 10 minute zizz and then back in to the Doctors and he is always late, and finally home. Walked to look at the foals and exercise the dogs and am about to make a salad for dinner. Not very exciting.

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Tony F said...

I love this picture... so much happening. An abstract delight!