Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another beaded bracelet

I have been trying to find time to bead lately, twice today I strung a necklace for my mother to go with the shirt I have bought her and twice the last crimp hasnt held so I have left it to try again tomorrow.
This bracelet was fun to make but I am going to try and make a wider one.
Very cold today and two more foals, a colt to Amanda, Welsh Mountain and a palomino filly to Sundew who is a Welsh B. Sunny had hers just before lunch and I watched her have it from a distance. All well with both of them. So far the colts are outnumbering the filles.
I have been trying to find time to paint but no such luck, I keep on being interrupted by family, which is nice in its way but when I have set out a day to do something, well its just a bit annoying when it doesnt happen.

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