Saturday, October 28, 2006

My mother's 94th Birthday

Probably not the best photo of the ones we took but at least it has her three daughters with her. Rosemary my older sister on the right and my younger sister Felicity next to her, Mummy and myself.
We had a very happy day, with Mummy reliving it every few minutes as she wasnt sure who had given her what. I think the funniest bit was when we got her back to her room in the nursing home there was a card from her friend who is in the next room and when the friend came in she admired it and said what a lovely card, who was it from! We all had a laugh over that one. All my children had at least sent flowers and cards to her so her room looked overflowing.
Oh dear it was a very busy day and I came home tired and then couldnt sleep. I had walked around Stirling which is a town in the hills behind Adelaide for a couple of hours while John had a meeting, did some sketching and took photos. It was actually a bit damp up there and very cold. I ended up in an organic shop and cafe for a coffee and had fun sketching the various containers for olives. On my other blog see the links.

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Jana Bouc said...

I really enjoyed this post and seeing your family in the picture. Your story about the nursing home neighbor's card was delightful and though your mother may be having her difficulties, she looks very pleased with and proud of her lovely daughters.