Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mares and foals

Not at all agood photo but it does give an impression of our drying grass and two of the mares and foals, the one in front is my Multi Supreme Champion Wesh Section B mare with her colt foal and at the back a part arab pony mare with her filly. Looking towards the sheds and dairy.
John is worrying about the amount of water going on the garden.
Yesterday the Government extened some drought areas but not us, unfortunatly we are normally a secure area but I dont think they have any idea how devastating for us it is with absolutely no spring rain, especially as we dont expect to get summer rains. This follows on from about 5 difficult years. I probably shouldnt keep going on about this but it is so depressing to go out and see grass dying and to have no rain forecast in sight and all our reserves almost used up. October normally has an average of 55 mm we have had just over 3. Every day you hope for something. I know the cropping areas are hard hit too but they get years like this far more often than we do and we have cows to feed. The price of them is so low as well as people are destocking every where. I think that by the time the powers that be realise what a mess we are in it will be too late for a lot of dairyfarmers.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo -- despite what you said! (I don't think there's any such thing as a bad photo of a baby animal :-)
Sorry to hear about your shortage of rain -- we'll keep our fingers crossed for you here.

Teri C said...

Penny, what gorgeous horses! The photo is great and perfect. Thanks for posting it.