Tuesday, October 24, 2006

House and garden

I couldnt resist doing a few photos of the garden and house as it wont look like this for long, as it is the one of the back garden shows the brown of the dam bank behind. This is a very new bit of garden where all sorts of bits and pieces that were in pots went in and I love it except that the stinging nettles also love it.
The other is the front of the house artistically framed in trees. Up close it looks a bit tired and worn.
We have had 4 foals in the last few days, 2 colts and 2 fillies, I will take photos in a few days when thay have filled out a bit.
Warming up again and thank goodness we have finally managed to replace two of the old water timers on the taps so I dont forget to turn off the hoses. Although as we have our own water supply we dont have to abide by restrictions, I do to a point that the water may not be there for ever either. In Adelaide and all towns that are supplied by the River Murray there is no watering on Mondays and only on alternate days between 8 pm and 8 am (which is causing no end of consternation.) No washing of cars, or filling swimming pools or childrens paddling pools.
My day just gets longer as I tend to turn hoses on early in the morning and in the evening and have to water the pots.

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Teri C said...

Penny, wow, everything looks beautiful!!!