Monday, October 16, 2006

Adelaide at night

I am having problems trying to get two sketches done a day so my boots and sketchbook blog will have more while this one will prbably have more photos and other stuff. I took this photo of the Post Office clock and King William Street from the Town Hall balcony, some how it must have been between lights as there are no cars!
A busy day cleaning the house and doing a miriad things that needed doing and I havent had time to do.
I am trying to weed, tidy up things as we have 4 friends coming for dinner on Wednesday night, must have the house looking a bit better than it has, so much dust with these hot northerlys.
Boring but tiring.
No rain for 3 weeks, not a lot in sight either and hot again tomorrow.

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Tony F said...

Great night shot Penny. How clever to get the exposure just right.