Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My old school

This used to be the boarding house upstairs and the library and I dont know what else downstairs, I have no idea what it is now but it looks lovely, not at all as I remember it! I couldnt get over how small the original buildings looked, but you have to remember that I started in 1944 and left in 1956 so a huge change in that time.
I had a lovely time taking photos of buildings and houses that were typical but fast disapearing to be replaced by so called "Tuscan" houses with no overhangs so stupid in our climate. Big blocks being cut up so no more the back yard chooks, the vegetables and fruit trees. No rainwater tanks either.
We are heading into an unprecedented dry with temperatures heading into the thirties for the next few days, hot and high winds and fire alerts, and this is still early October.
I came home today after a lovely lunch with daughter Tabby and the girls, Gaby and Celina for my birthday, (I like these long birthday weeks!) with an incredible iron bird, must sketch it. To find John saying we had an echidna in the pots near the back door and Jake (the dog) having a great time trying to show it off and to his disgust it refused to budge. I sketched and photographed it, the sketch is on my other blog (see links). I dont think I have ever had one as close to the house as this before.

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