Tuesday, October 31, 2006

African daisies

I rather like these bright daisies that dont mind the dry conditions at the side of the track leading up to the house.
Cold nights, dry days and the paddocks have bleached out more and more, and yet when I walk to see the mares and foals there is still clover there and some green grass if only we would have some rain. It seems unbelievable that this weather continues at this time of the year. Well actually at this time of the year I suppose we should expect it but not dry for so long, the thought of going from now until April or May with little rain is very depressing and very worrying.
I actually felt much better yesterday as I got the house cleaned and tidy, washing done and beds remade so felt very virtuous! I really hate doing the house work.
My knees continue to be a worry during these cold nights and the problem is I hurt the next morning. I dont really want to go to the Doctor again as all he will say is its arthritis and they are not bad enough to do anything about. Moan moan!!
On a more cheerful note I think I have managed to beat right angle weave in a braclet I am making, if it got unpicked once it must have been a dozen times. I quite like the way it is coming together.


Teri C said...

Penny, this is where we are the same. We have these in Arizona also and I love love love them!! Thanks for the show.

PG said...

Hi Penny, I"ve never been here before, have just bookmarked you. I like your bracelets, they look awfully complicated to do!

We heard on the radio about the dreadful time farmers are having with the drought over at yours, I cannot imagine such heat. It is a nice chilly, sunny autumn day over here. I wish I could bottle it and send it you.