Saturday, October 14, 2006

S.A. Museum 150 celebrations

Well last nightwas incredible, we had organised as members of the Waterhouse Club, which raises money for the South Australian Museum to go to their Glala celebrations at the Adelaide Town hall. My camera wasnt being particularly good but I hope these will be ok. First there is a photo of John and I all dressed up and looking nothing like our usual farm persona. Oh and we seem to be holding a lot of glasses, they were the photographers as well as ours! Taken on the balcony of the Town Hall. The next one is of the lovely organ which is in the room the dinner etc was held, of course the orchestra had just gone when I took this and I have cropped out everything else so you can see it. Sounds magnificent. The third and rather odd bit is my drawing which I did through a speech by only man of the whole night who couldnt be heard, so the top is a bit of the cornice around the main door and the other is a lamp, there were other bigger ones as you can see in the photo of the organ but this was the one near us.
The Gala was to be as if a minor Royal was visiting in 1856 so medals were to be worn, evening dress and the ladies were supposed to be spectacular! The food was from the odd (possum pie and wombat) to reasonably normal, Mock turtle soup, quail, chicken and lamb.
All ladies recieved a gift, a small peice of polished malachite from a local mine which was the first donation to the museum. All in all a great night and we spent the night in the old treasury building which is now a lush hotel next door to the town hall and was lovely, although walking back this cinderella fell out of her (very high, very minimal) sparkly silver slippers! Actually I got one caught in a hole in the pavement.
Now back to reality again.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a fun night you had, and even a secretive little drawing on a table napkin perhaps! Lovely to see you both toffed up. And lots of glasses in your hands. Like our table at the Rotary gig - there were eight people, two empty seats, but forty-eight glasses I think!
Life has its moments and you see the humorous side of things too - as well as the pain of drought.

Tony F said...

As usual Penny, beautiful pen work