Friday, October 20, 2006

Native cymbidium

This lovely tiny orchid is a native cymbidium that we have, they are very hard to grow and flower so I only hope we have luck with this one, at least it flowered for us. John has been so pleased with it.
We had a bit of rain today, lovely misty soft stuff, about a mm but it didnt last for very long and then it blew again, negating all the good it might have done. Really cold tonight too. This weather is crazy, really hot and then frosts at night. The rain situation is becoming even scarier and here there is talk of possibly not milking at all to save money, but we will see, lots of sums to be looked at but with extra people to pay it might be the only option we have. I have had to pump water up to the dam behind the house as it had only a puddle in it today. Goes to show how little run off we have had.
Shopping was a pain today, lots of people I have never seen before aimlessly wandering the aisles in the suopermarket. Actually aimlessly wandering the roads as well and doing stupid things. I was glad to get home.
I am trying to sort out a beaded bracelet pattern and think I have finally worked it out.
Painted a rose bush on my fence, not very well for my other blog. That I think was my day.

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