Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Quick sketch

This very odd bird was my birthday present from Tabby and the girls, he is a garden lamp I think but at the moment is residing in the sun room. I think he is great, so silly and yet a rather fun design. Made in China of course.
Hot and windy today, not too bad this morning when I pulled more forget me nots out of the garden that leads into the house area and I also pulled out a heap of watsonia leaves to dry, possibly baskets in the future.
Hoses have been on again. Although it is supposed to rain tonight but I am not holding my breath.
I suddenly remembered that I hadnt washed the floors so they got done today as well as a major tidy up in my work room as everything tended to get dumped there after my week in town and I havent had time to look since.
Tonight I go to beading and John is going to the meet the candidates night for the Council elections, with 20 councillor candidates and 3 for Mayor it could be a long night.

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