Sunday, October 08, 2006

Back from Forum

Well I am back from a wonderful few days in Adelaide at Forum South. I took a design course with Jae Maries and it was the most incredible few days. I have taken a photo of what I did and was up on the wall for display on the last day. A couple of samples, cutting up photos and paper to make a design. my "work in progress" which is the sea scape, still a way to go on that and another smaller work in progress under it, trying to do buildings. We will see how or if they get finished, but I am pleased with what I have done so far. Of course there were lots more samples than this in my work book.
Of course I was very tired, had my yikes!!67 th birthday on the Wednesday, one of the girls in the class brought in a wonderful apple cake for it which was lovely and then gave us all the recipe.
I celebrated with my friend Kate her 80th birthday on Thursday, although hers is today we and a few friends had a lovely lunch together, although it was a bit rushed as we all raced off to the Heathen Bazaar at the school to buy all sorts of wonderful things.
My friend Paddy looked after me incredibly well even tho I think I was a bit of a let down to her as I was so tired at night, but we drank champagne and had take away chinese on my birthday night.
I saw my mother the next day as we had a more or less day off. I drove home last night feeling very weary as I had been up early and packed the car and we had most of a day to work in.
Lovely to get home to John and my own bed!


Lin said...

These are FANTASTIC, Penny!!! I am so looking forward to seeing what you do with them! So glad you had a terrific time!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a great week you had - and a birthday too! Working with fabrics must be loads of fun. I went to an exhibition last week of quilts so I'll write something about it soon. Nice to see both of your blogs as they relate to one another.

Teri C said...

Happy birthday!!!!!! I love your designs, they are so bright and well, just awesomely beautiful. It sounds like a wonderful class.