Sunday, September 20, 2009

Walking around the base of the Bluff

I needed a walk today so on with the dreaded knee support and off we went around the dirt road by the sea and at the base of the Bluff, a few cars but not too many and at least it is reasonably flat with no holes.
The first photo shows the new boat launching facility's breakwater which there was a huge outcry about and personally I think it blends in with all the other rocks very well.
This is the view from the cafe at Whalers where we had a coffee when we had finished walking. I know I put this photo up every so often but it is never really the same and I think it is a stunning view to have so close to home.
Then a pair of Pacific Gulls who were mooching around on a rock and not doing much at all,
I just love the little bits of rocky inlets along here, in our skin diving days I spent many happy hours fossicking in and around these rocks looking for sea squirts and abalone and pheasant shells amongst other things.
The final one is at the end of the road and where we used to dive, I have never been so scared as when a huge school of king fish swam past, they made such a noise I didnt know what it was, I was about 5 months pregnant at the time and peacefully sitting on the bottom and of course no one else was in sight, I tended to get left behind.
I think that was my last dive before I had my last baby,( many afterwards though), as I found I got very tummy heavy and had problems getting out of the water with a tank on my back.

John Ruskin said

"Curiosity is a gift, a capacity for pleasure in knowing,
which if you destroy, you make yourselves cold and dull."

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Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos! Such a lovely place for inspiration. Creativity abounds within and around you.