Friday, September 18, 2009

A busy day

The tree Begonia that lives in the hall by the front door is looking really pretty at the moment, it flowers almost all year round and I suppose one day I will lose it but so far it grows to the ceiling and I cut it back and off it goes again. No good outside as it doesnt like the cold in winter or the heat in summer.
I have been finishing off a few more things, here is a little amulet I have made, quite complicated but I rather like it. It is basically felt with gel medium and then paint and then stitched and sewn.
Last night I went to see one of our grand daughters, well actually two of them gain prizes at the Junior netball presentations, but Celina won the one for the most best and fairest on court nominations which is great for one of her age. I didnt have a camera that was good enough and I am waiting on a photo from one of the girls.
Spent time with another grand daughter, Gaby and Mason today and then took them out to her mother and really Mason and Millie are a hoot together.
My knee needs some fine tuning which is a nuisance but I am getting there (I hope!) 10 days before we goI rather like this quote from Mark Twain

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry
and narrow- mindedness."

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Robin Mac said...

I love the amulet Penny, did you put anything inside? I must make another one, actually found the pattern again yesterday when I was having a giant cleanup in my workroom! Hope you get your knee right before you go. Cheers, Robin