Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miss Millie

Here is Millie after dinner the other night, taking an interest in a very strange doll made out of a flower pot that the girls gave me a few years ago.
She was wearing her new T shirt with the horse on the front that her cousin and aunt had given her from the show.
I have been back to the physio to day as my knee has progressively got more uncomfortable and yes it is swollen and I need at least another appointment before we leave, not much time left now, we go on the 29th and I have to organise the house so people can stay to feed and do the pots.
This evening we are out to the netball final presentations and I think two of my grand daughters get awards.
To nights quote is by William Hazlitt

"Give me the clear blue sky over my head,
and the green turf beneath my feet,
a winding road before me,
and a three hours' march to dinner."

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