Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oscar and some Rosella Parrots

Bother I meant to load these the other way around.
I walked out last night and there was a rosella, one of the older lovely red ones at the bird feeder, I dont have much luck taking bird photos but these were sort of ok.
Then this morning I walked out, we had had torrential rain all night and the sun was out and Oscar was outside and sitting in the sun for a few minutes, he doesnt like the wet.
My geranium maderense is still flowering madly, I love this plant, it is a biennial and flowers in its second year, seeds just enough and then dies off.
The Japanese wisteria is just beginning to flower by the bedroom door at the top of the flowering prunus.
I am trying to sort out clothes and put things in mt suitcase and then take them out, I have no idea what the weather is going to do to me.
I dont want to take too much but then I need something for a few different occasions.


Kelly said...

....oooohhhh....what a colorful little bird. I think you called it a Rosella. I'll have to look it up as I know nothing about it. It reminds me a touch of our Northern Cardinal mixed with our Scarlet Tanager! I like your feeder as well...I have a similar one!

Kelly said...

.....duh.....I just saw the title of your the Rosella is a parrot. How cool!!! I would love to have a parrot fly up to my feeders!