Tuesday, September 15, 2009

flora and fauna

I think it should be the other way round. In the first photo there is a bird, one of our New Holland honey eaters, they are very badly behaved and like to chase the other smaller honey eaters away. My little camera doesnt take good photos but I think if you click on the photo you can see him.
Then along the side of the road as I walked tonight lots of grasses and weeds, not sure if this is wheat or barley but we feed both to the cows so it could be either.
Finally the Japanese Tamarisk is bursting into flower, love that delicate pink and they do remarkably well here. Next to it is the pomegranite just coming into leaf. Behind is an olive.
I feel terribly achy tonight, walking is not helped by my knee which doesnt want to know me.
I shopped this morning and cleaned the house as I have Tabby and John and Millie coming for dinner tonight.
Braised lemon lamb shanks, mashed potato with parmesan cheese and broccoli, we may finish with baked apple.
I have a very odd collection of poems and found this book called The world's love poetry and here is a small piece called

A Charm at Parting

"In well-cool hollow walk your way,
in bee-soft bower sleep you.
In drift, in dream, drink fresh, breathe free:
in dream, in home, love keep you"

Mary Phelps


Wanda said...

You captured the bird very well and I loved the poem...

I have a friend that suffers from a painful knee.. a recent shot of cortisone in her knee helped tremendously she said.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

That's a lovely poem Penny.
I have trouble with my camera. It's digital but over 5 years old so I can no longer buy the 64 megabyte card for it and the other card is scratched and won't work. Where can I buy a 64 megabyte card? Shops here don't sell them.

Karen said...

Sorry to hear about the knee, I hope the swelling goes down soon and that you're feeling better.