Monday, September 21, 2009

Silage making

It has rained heavily for a lot of the day here so thank goodness these paddocks were finished on Friday night when I took these photos, well it was late afternoon as you can see by the shadows.
These are in slightly the wrong order, first one showing the still to be picked up grass as is the last one but looking across and down the valley and then them on the stack and finally the third photo in of the grass being put into the truck, it is interesting to see them all driving along at a reasonable speed.
We used to put them into plastic covered rolls, then into long plastic tubes and now we are back to making a stack, things go around in circles, but I think it is more cost efficient these days to do this.
I suppose this seems strange to those in the northern hemisphere that we make our silage in early Spring, but there would be nothing left if we did it in autumn.
We make very little if any hay these days, it is better to buy it in with all the right levels of sustenance for the cows already done by some one else.
So much has changed on the farm, and so many more little paddocks so we get the most out of the grown feed, I am glad I dont go out feeding the ponies these days, far too many gates to open.
We were lucky today as we had very little wind while other parts of the state were almost blown away, nor did we have the bad thunderstorms but when it rained, it really came down and it was so dark, luckily the power only went on and off a couple of times.
Other areas were not so lucky and I believe lots of trees are down and a lot of damage. We seem to have had a lot more wind than normal this year, but at least with it has come the rain.

" Worries go down better with soup than without"

A Jewish proverb.


Wanda said...

You are so right does take some wrap my head around this fact...not that it is spring there and autumn here...but that it is "Spring" in "September" there...Spring is so synonymous with March and April here!

Karen said...

Wonderful photos, looks to be later on towards dusk?