Saturday, September 12, 2009

My friend Jake

If you click on this photo you can just see Jake going about the business of the day, checking every thing out.
He hates it when I walk late and he is shut up and at the moment, fed and in his cage he is whingeing that it is too early and he should be out.
Here on farms all dogs are shut up at night in case they chase and kill the neighbours sheep, we have lost dogs in the past when they have been shot, we had one wily old bitch who every time we had new young dog would take them over to the neighbours, she never got shot but many of the young ones did until we realised what she was doing.
Another terribly windy day and we watched a grand daughter win her finals and become best on court but I came home feeling terrible.
Supposed to be a cool change tonight and possibly some rain, I had to water the pots for the first time for ages tonight.
Another bit of Judith Wright.

"Spring, impatient, thunders at the doors of iron,
we have no songs left. Let our boughs be silent.
Hold back your fires that would sear us into flower again,
and your insistent bees, the messengers of generation.
Our bodies are old as winter and would remain in winter.
So the old trees plead, clinging to the edge of darkness."

from The Cedars.


Wanda said...

That would be terrible to have a dog shot that way...but I guess farmers have to protect their sheep...are there coyotes or other wild types to worry about attacking the sheep?

Karen said...

Interesting that she would take the new dogs out that way, guess she didn't want the competition.