Friday, September 25, 2009

Around Ashbourne South Australia

While driving back from visiting a friend at Ashbourne and after lunch I stopped by the side of the road on the short cut I take and took some photos. This is red gum country and quite different to our area although at the most about 3/4 of an hours drive away.
There was a bit of sun shining on the distant hill, the yellow may be a fine crop of dandelion but it looked pretty and then a wonderful crop of I think triticale growing in a paddock by the road, I havnt seen crops like this in this area for ages.
Looking back along the dirt road where there was a ford but I think they lifted the road and put a pipe under it so it is now not a worry if it rains going along this road.
The next two were taken off the Ashbourne road and shows the new spring leaves on the trees just showing up, this area has good deep soils too and is used for orchards and vegetables, although the big white cockatoos became such a menace that my friends pulled out their orchard, a shame as we used to have fun coming over to pick apples and pears and they looked beautiful when in full flower.
An overcast misty sort of day and now we are having possible snow for cast for the higher ranges tomorrow, we do get snow but only very occasionally. I must say today is wet and windy and cold and it was not easy finding a park to do my morning shopping.
I might add that they are re doing our shopping center and every time I go there seem to be less parking spaces available, I will be so glad when it has finished and hope it will before the massive increas in the number of summer tourists.

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Wanda said...

The new growth of Spring there for you and Autumn leaves falling here for me! I will enjoy viewing the differences that we share Penny.