Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lino cut owl

This little owl was printed onto rusted fabric using black acrylic paint mixed with textile medium and then hand sewn. I have put him onto a piece of black felt.
We went to Adelaide yesterday, John had a meeting in the hills so I dropped him off and then went down to see my mother who was fine.
Going through the hills everything looks wonderful, all the dams are full and the grass is about knee high, I havent seen it like that for a few years.
Today I had lunch with a friend about 3/4 hour away from us and as I drove over through the back roads there were crops up to the top of the fences already and looking magnificent.
So I have been pretty busy and with only a few days before we leave I am feeling a bit as though I am running out of time.
I wonder of this quote by Napoleon Bonaparte has any significence? Probably not but here it is.
"My downfall raises me
to great heights."

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Wanda said...

Here in Ohio the growth of grasses and crops in fields and such has come to a slow halt...Autumn leaves are falling.