Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seals and whales in the Bay

A really exciting day, it was another terribly windy day and I really didnt think we would see any whales but we counted at least eight possibly more, and a couple of seals lazing around in the water by the rocks.
The great gout of water is all I managed to get of a huge whale who was breaching about 2 to 3 kms away, I have never seen them do this before, I suddenly saw what looked like something the size of a bus emerge from the water and come down with a heck of a splash, they say that our Southern rights dont breach but this one had most of his body out of the water, not just his head.
The trouble with the digital camera is the time lag and usually I got sea tried desperately to get a tail out and didnt manage that either.
If you try this, if I can copy it correctly you may learn more about them.
The whale in the third photo is how I have normally seen them but with so many whales around maybe there was a female in season and the others were showing off, I dont know but it was the best I have seen in many years of whale watching down here.
The walk around the end of Bashams Beach near Pt Elliott is lovely and here is a photo of the native clematis or old man's beard that was in full flower and the little bay before you get to the point. All rocks and curves and lovely sea.
I havent walked by this bit of beach for ages and it was well worth a slightly aching knee to do it.

Judith Wright from Counting in Sevens.

"Seven nines are sixty- three; seven tens are seventy.
Who would that old woman be?
She will remember being me,
but what she is I cannot see."


ArtPropelled said...

How wonderful to see the whales. I can see how choppy it was. I must say a windy beach is one of my pet hates....though worth enduring just to see the whales.

annie said...

How exciting, Penny. I have never
seen whales out in the ocean except in videos. I have wanted to go on a whale watch back in New England, but I get seasick, too easily, and also I did not know how to be sure to find a whale watching group that would not chase them as some do.

Wanda said...

To see a whale would have been very exciting for me...You are so lucky that you can visit the beach and observe them Penny.

Karen said...

Very cool, we saw whales when we went on our 25th cruise up to Alaska but aside from that I'd never seen them before.