Saturday, March 10, 2007

Total disaster area

I was showing my friend Paddy who is staying for the week end how to use the embellshing machine and she snuck in and took photos, well I really wasnt expected to be seen in such squalor, as I hadnt had time to clean that room up, I was just going to shut the door!
I had just come home from spending about 4 hours with Isabelle at the netball clinic at Myponga sitting in the shade under a tree with a breeze blowing it wasnt too bad but I came home on mostly dirt roads so the car is now a dusty mess. John has been trying to fix up a pipe into one of the tanks so it will automatically fill while we are away, of course that meant even more problems, and Sarah was selling one of the mares while I was over with Isabelle.


Doreen G said...

Now I know why I like you Penny we are both tarred with the same brush so to speak

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Wow, you live in an op shop and from your stories about forever cleaning I am delighted that you DO have your own space with lots of arty junk! Good on you Penny! I think some of us have found 'real' sisters through blogging!

Sequana said...

*peeking in your room from Chicago*

I'm glad to see someone else has as much thread as I do...*S*

looks like a great "lab"

linda stokes said...

Hi Penny, Your room is obviously the domain of a very creative person. Mine might be even worse as I usually have the floor covered as well! But if it's really tidy it means I'm not doing any work. Unfortunately I tend to spread to other rooms too.
Love your embellished wild woman.

Renate said...

Oh I love such rooms! :)