Friday, March 16, 2007

playways ATC swap

These are my Playways swaps and from the top right they are from, Lyn, Dianne Ceray, Sadie, Linda Stokes and Joyce Weeks. They are a stunning collection and I am so pleased with them. I would love to know how they were done.
I have been finishing off things today, also have a physio appointment later and best of all, IT HAS RAINED not a lot but at least it has washed off the dust and I dont have to water the pots. Smells so nice. About 4mm which in the paddocks hasnt even soaked in and if you kick the soil it is dry just under the surface but perhaps it is the start.


Doreen G said...

Great ATC's penny It's a nice surprise when they arrive isn't it.

linda stokes said...

Hi Penny, nice to know where one of mine ended up. The background is spippets of various pieces I've done then stitched & the heart is soluble paper cast on a rubber stamp.
Love your little dolls & cloaks!