Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More photos of Surfers Paradise

We did an evening canal trip with dinner the other night and I was trying to see what my camera would do of the fantastic lights in the towers and buildings as we went past the second one is of the sails I think at sea world but I could be wrong, maybe I had it on night setting, moved it around so much I cant remember. I think these were done on the museum setting but I am not sure, obviously there was a time delay but I love the way the lights blurred and moved. The bottom one was of a different beach walk with the different colours of gey in the buildings and sky, doesnt seem to show up all that well in this transfer, with some of the "wildlife" it was dog walking sunday on a dog allowed beach, I have never seen so many people with so many different dogs but I really didnt have time to get a shot of that. Having a great time, head for Rainbow Beach north of Noosa tomorrow, not getting much done, lots of eating and drinking, catching up with friends ( that is where the eating and drinking comes in, I was on soda water yesterday!) and resting and feeling as if we are on holiday.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Thanks Penny for the updates on your holiday in Surfers.
I like the moving lights - beaut photos. Have a great holiday.