Friday, March 30, 2007

Rainbow Beach

This is the back garden of Jill's brothers house at Rainbow beach, beautifully tropical and different. The fellows were supposed to go fishing this morning and couldnt as the wind came up, sothey were up at 4.30 am and back in bed at 6.!! The one who had 2 travel calm is out for the count!
I have walked but also relaxed, am sitting trying to get the knotted cretan stitch done and am having no end of problems working it out, as we were all awake so early this morning it is difficult to know what to do.
we had an interesting drive up, crashes on the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane meant we detoured through the heart of Brisbane, havent been there for ages. we had lunch at Maleny in the hinterland and then on to wander Montvilles galleries. Then on to Rainbow.
I bought a new pair of bathers yesterday, for some reason they always have bathers that fit me and at half the price up here.
Photos are a bit hit and miss, I have been forgetting it which is a pain.

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