Sunday, March 04, 2007

A cool day at Pt Willunga

John went to the Clipsal 500 car race today as he had been invited to the State Corporate box, I wasnt but then I didnt want to go any way so i spent a lovely day at Pt Willunga with Paddy and we went and did all sorts of wicked things like buying a bike for me, now I have to get it home and re learn how to ride it, not sure if this is a good idea but for the price I paid I can always give it to a grand child to use while they are here.
We fossicked in the most incredible junk place I have been to for years, we bought wine glasses, the trophy sort with gold on them and not too big, I found a David Dridan one which I am pleased about. Also some thing, no idea what, that I could I think use for texture on fabric or paper. All for $3.
I bought 2 books for k#1 from the library sale and we walked on the beach, amazing how rough it was after yesterdays calm and heat and it was wonderfully cool.
The photo is me on the beach infront of the caves that were carved from the cliff for the fishermen to keep their boats in and the other is what is left of the old jetty. I have sketched this.
All in all a good day, we gossiped and laughed and played the fool and John obviously had a good day as well, meeting up with lots of people he knew, but he did say he couldnt get very enthused about the race or the noise!


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a beaut photo of you and the beach! Those rocks and caves too would be good to sketch another time.
Yeah, sounds like lots of fun buying 'junk' at a garage sale or wherever. Let the guys have their car races (or whatever) and mingling with the hoi polloi!

Doreen G said...

Sounds like a fun day all round and fossicking through junk -that's my kinda fun