Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Late EDM challenge, a clock

After I hd scanned this I realised that it was a bit wonky in places, my excuse is that this old Ansonia clock is way up with a few others on top of a very tall bookcase and with my odd eyes that is what it looked like! At one stage I collected old clocks and had a large collection but now I think I only have about 6, all different and I love them.
My little bantams have settled in well and there is a drawing on my other blog.
A trip to the physio today so I am feeling a bit fragile, one more before we go away. It doesnt help that I had to drive in in the farm tray top Toyota which bumps all over the place.
A load of heifers have gone today on their way to China, I hope it is greener there than here.


Linda said...

I have an Ansonia, too. Their history just fascinates me! Great drawing (it's a hard subject!)

Anonymous said...

Wonky is good - the clock look pretty cool.

Lin said...

FABULOUS clock, Penny! You must have a fine collection! I LIKE the wonkiness -- it has such life!!

Doreen G said...

It doesn't look wonky if I tilt my head Penny (te he)