Saturday, March 24, 2007

Surfers Paradise

I can down load the odd photo so can keep this blog going a bit. no photos of me, I am the one with the camera!
The first one is Jill and John walking along the beach, a morning occurrence before a surf, and the second one shows a bit of the wild life around, and Jill on the left and John just by the fellows nose about to dive under a wave.
I dont think I look respectable in my bathers any way, had to buy a new pair and then completely re do the bra area as I kept falling out of them. we have done nothing but go out for drinks, meals and sleep or walk the beach and fall into the pool. I have walked and sketched every day, but no scanner so the sketches cant go up and no time to do a proper painting yet!

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It's beaut to hear about your holiday, Penny, and what a lovely place. I suppose the water is warm. We've had a very good rain two nights ago and the grass is greening up, so I hope you had it back home.
New bathers! Mine are really creepy and loose and yonks old. I usually throw over a Fiji sulu and just toss it off as I leap into a heated swimming pool! The sea here - Ocean Grove, Torquay, etc. is so cold I hardly ever swim in the ocean, but Peceli does sometimes.