Thursday, March 08, 2007

Embellisher treasure

I have Sarah Lawrence to thank for this added bit to my embellisher stuff, she had an article in the Magazine Stitch which is put out by the UK embroiderers Guild, arrives late in my newsagent but at least it arrives.
I had fun doing the base on the embellisher and then as i didnt have much in the way of faces or feet I made some with polymer clay, this face is a stamp, the foot was a mold of some sort.
It was wool roving on a piece of scrim like stuff (actually a cotton polishing cloth I cut up) with some odd bits of ribbon wool I found in my stash, backed to felt hand stitched, beaded using a couple of Dale's new square sequins and others, it was
a nice way to end the day after a frustrating series of events.
We have actually had some moisture on the front terrace, probably not enough to measure and certainly not enough to do any good but it smells nice and fresh, especially as it is going to heat up soon.


Doreen G said...

Very creative Penny --I have some of those square sequins too.

Dianne said...

Wonderful! Love the foot!!!