Friday, March 02, 2007

TAST fly and cross stitch

As I didnt get my TAST for fly stitch done last week for Sharonb's in a minute a go TAST challenge I decided to combine the two, I embellished some scrim onto some felt and then embellished the bits of wool roving and then stitched first the fly and then put a border of cross stitch around it. I worked over the cross stitch to give the border a bit more depth. I have been having a lovely time using more of the valdani cotton I got from Dale at the Thread Studio, I really like the variations in colour.
I bought some yummy stuff from Dale while I was in Melbourne, I will take a photo and get it up.
I sent off my Module 4 for Playways on the net yesterday, and the workshop on the net stuff was printed off yesterday as well. Glad to see there is more on using the embellishing machines.
Last night we had a trip to Adelaide for a reception for the clipsal 500 car race, John was networking! A pleasant but warm night up there, very pleasant and a lot cooler down here. They are forecasting thunderstorms over the week end, we may be lucky.


Doreen G said...

That thread is beautiful Penny and I can't wait to see what you brought--I know you only got what was on your list but how big was the list hmmm.

neki desu said...

very nice everything! composition colors and textures.

neki desu

laserone said...

Beautiful color mix, just love it. I love a nice mix of colors like that. :)