Sunday, March 11, 2007

Goolwa Wooden boat show

You have probably gathered that I love boats and the river port town of Goolwa on the Murray is only about half an hour away and today I wallowed in boats!We went over around lunch time and spent about 4 hours walking standing, looking and taking photos. The one with the two sailing boats I am not sure what they are but was intrieged (sp?) with their rigs and the huge sweep on the white one, the central one is a paddle steamer, a new one, completely built in the last few years, about 1/2 size I think and based at Goolwa, the third, white one is the pride of the paddle steamer fleet, the Oscar W built in about 1908 and also based in Goolwa, I have sailed on her.
There were buskers, boats for sale, putt putt boats, river cruisers dinghys, tiny steam powered you name it and all made of wood.
Lots of fun of the fair as well, people selling the most incredible ropes, paintings, boats (I saw one I wanted!) food of all kinds, our local aboriginal tribe making baskets, and I know how to make them because we did them last year at Horsham, but so beautifully done. People we knew dogs, children and the steam cockle train. Absolutely magic. And lots of music.

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Doreen G said...

Sounds like a lot of fun Penny glad you enjoyed it.