Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Goolwa PD racers

I was asked by if I had any photos of the pd racers at Goolway, I cant find any of them sailing but the yellow odd shaped little boat is one, I think, I hope!
I am not sure if there are any more in the other photo as I am not really up on them but they look like a fun little boat. actually this gives a quite good impression of the crowds around the boats that were there on the Sunday.
I thought while I was about it I would show the photo of the rather fat me, scrambling awkwardly through the fence and up the dry creek bank to feed the ponies some grain. Thank goodness they have been moved so I can now go through a gate in a civilised manner. My friend Paddy took this photo, I dont know why she always make me look fatter than I am sure I am. Sorry I have tried to edit this, there is a sentence over the photo that you cant see but I cant move it.
Hot again today and I have been sewing some little people to hopefully sell at Horsham.

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Doreen G said...

Gee Penny- you sure do lead a great life.