Monday, March 12, 2007

Barred chain stitch

This was last weeks TAST challenge for Sharon b, I found this difficult to manage and the first row was completely wrong, I did get the hang of it a bit in the circle.Then more wonky lines. I think I like wonky lines.
Busy day today as well, my aunt by marraige and her second husband came for lunch which was very enjoyable, I had made something previously so not a stressed day at all and she brought me the most delightful little Japanese Bantams, a cock and 4 hens, I had made a space for them in the big old cage near the back door and they are having a lovely time. I have looked at the Japanese bantams at the Royal show every year and never had the money to buy them, or for that matter the time to go and collect them after the show so this is a delight.

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Doreen G said...

You did very well Penny I couldn't even make a circle