Thursday, June 01, 2006

EDM Challenge Shoes and some more flowers

The power went out last night and when it finally came back on the internet connection was so slow I couldnt get anything up, so I am doing this early morning, of course now John wants the computer, it is always the way.
The flowers were another one in my flower painting course, lovely yellows in this bunch. I have trouble scanning a 1/4 size piece of watercolour paper. but I quite like this one too. we had a 15 minute exercise to first paint without drawing and see how we went and then draw in the flowers. I think I kept losing the white daisies in this one.
The shoes were Jill and my walking shoes from Carnarvon Gorge, washed and drying in the sun when I sketched them I thought theywould be dreadful to do but found them quite fun. They were done in my sketchbook with a pen.
We had a lot of rain yesterday and it has been cold, coldest for ages but I think it is a bit more like a normal winter, just goes to show how long since we had a normal winter for here.
I spent the time with the power out winding wool from a skein, and it was a difficult skein to wind so I had all sorts of problems trying to do it by candlelight.Makes you realise how difficult it was when candle power was all there was, we had about 8 big fat candles around. Also know why people went to bed early and made babies!! At least we have a lovely wood fire so it was warm.
(that sounds a bit odd oh well, and I am too old to make a baby!)
Of course the power came on just as we were half way through cooking the dinner on the barbeque outside in the cold. Steak and salad seemed the safest thing to do.


Lin said...

EVEN in candlelight, these are incredibly well done!! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!

Alison said...

Your flowers are delightful, Penny - so cheery and the shoes too. I have done 7 pairs of shoes in my most recent memory painting, now up on my 'scribbles' blog

Tony F said...

Penny, you could, should, MUST, exhibit. Your "flowers in vases" pictures alone would bring admirers from all over. I LOVE this picture.