Monday, June 12, 2006

Beach shack

I have used a black pencil with this sketch instead of my usual pen. I quite like the way the pencil does the Norfolk Island pines behind it. This is another of my favorite little beaches around us and this bech shack has the prime position. I dont think I have ever seen it being used but then I do tend to go walking there on hot summer days.
Today we spent an enjoyable day at McLaren Vale at the sea to the vines festival, wineries have various cafe's to make food for them and you buy a glass, a glass of wine and a meal for a resonable cost, there is always good music as well. As the winery owners are some of the ones we fish with it is an enjoyable day to get together at their wineries and taste both food and wine. The food is mostly seafood which I love.aThey all also have great bands. As the designated driver, I get a wrist band and a bottle of water and a list of wineries where I can get a free coffee or tea. No drinking the wine for me but it really doesnt matter and John and I had another lovely day. A bit more about it on my other blog http://penny-withmybootsandsketchbook
The vines are all turning the most incredible gold and as we drove home the gums at the end of our valley were looking lovely. Very cold and overcast tho' and getting dark at 5 pm at the moment. fI was glad I wore my lined wool pants and silk skivvy and wool jumper and scarf. I did have a jacket in the car but didnt need it.

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Judy Scott said...

Hi Penny so lovely of you to visit me I will drop by and see you again love what you do and where you live - my son has just moved over to Brisbane to live with his wife. One day will get over I cannot wait. Speak again, Judy from Bonnie Scotland x