Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Fabric pages

I am actually having a lot of fun with these pages, thought perhpas it would be all I would do but now I am thinking of all sorts of fun mini quilt possibilities fusing stuff on. I dont quite know how the fish one gets into the theme except I had this nice fish and material, doesnt quite go with hands and dresses and lovely ladies!
I had one of my grand daughters at home today as she was 'sick' I think just needed to see her grandmother, but she helped do the ponies this morning which was nice. At 14 I think her mother finds her a pain but I find her charming and fun. One of the perks of being a grandmother.
She spent quite a lot of time trying to redesign my workroom, while I tidied it up. How do I manage to accumulate so much paper, patterns, ideas, drawings, paintings, beading, knitting. I should just stick to one thing.
No then life would be very dull and as my back is still not feeling brilliant at least I can find something to do sitting down. (Once I can find it that is).
I was greeted from my evening walk by Oscar, our large orange cat who bounced like Tigger out of the bushes and wacked the poor pug on the nose. (Perhaps it should be whack? I am not sure, as a child who could never spell and taught myself I am always a bit thingy about spelling.)

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