Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Evening light

I took this photo a week ago and thought it was quite good, very hard just to get the sun and clouds right.
We had a freezing cold morning this morning, frosts up to the top of the neighbours (high) hill and no water in the pipes unfrozen before 9.30 am, it hasnt been like that for so long, but again I think is a bit more normal than usual.
I got out my watercolours and had another go at doing some flowers, I am relatively pleased with them, not quite finished yet I need to think about it for a while. I am doing another class on Saturday so thought I should brush up a bit on what I was taught last time.
Some people came out with a pony we bred about 15 years ago to have her identified as they have no papers to go with her, my brands were very obvious and she was very like her mother so yes she is who they hoped she was.
I think it may be another cold night, we are really not set up for cold, a fire a couple of oil heaters and a large house with lots of cracks and air vents! I really dont want to get out of bed too early and this morning snuggled down and read my book, a Peter Robinson whodunit.


AnastasiaC said...

Thats an amazing shot!

Tony F said...

This photo is not 'quite good' Penny, it's outstanding.