Saturday, June 03, 2006

The last of my flower paintings

This one didnt fit very well under the scanner so bits have been cut off. I liked this one best but then the colour has sort of faded so now I am not sure.
It has been raining and raining, we went to the funeral yesterday and the heavens opened, luckily after we had got into the church as we had to park the car a long way up the main and windy road. John had insisted that we leaft nearly 3/4 of an hour before for a 10 muinute drive and just as well, there were so many people. He was from an old and respected family in the district, not so many of them left any more, we are now surrounded in hobby farms.
Although we now milk in excess of 400 dairy cows when we were first married we had a small dairy herd and far more sheep and bought rams from them. I loved the sheep days, now the farm is rather like a factory.
A lovely old church set in near the river and with a back drop of red gums. I must go and investigate it a bit more.
I spent quite a long time setting up a new blog, there must be loads of blogs out there now as I had awful trouble getting a title, it is called
and I am joining Julie Oakley and a few others in walking and sketching daily, well I hope daily as now that winter has set in sketching in the rain may be difficult, but the dogs need walking everyday.
I think I am going to need more hours in my day.
My back is killing me at the moment, not sure why but probably caused by the dreaded vacuum cleaner combined with bouncing out to feed the ponies in the old toyota. Dont really like to take pain killers ontop of anti inflamitories (spelling!) but am having to at the moment. Hope to gently exercise it back into some form of normality instead of going to the physio.


Teri C said...

Oh Penny, it is beautiful! And that vase is just awesome. I will miss your lovely flowers. Hope you do more of them.

Alina Chau said...

beautiful painting!! Love the soft lighting!

Tony F said...

Another stunning watercolour Penny. I love the way the scanner has cropped the picture. The colours of the flowers are delightful. This picture is flawless.