Friday, June 02, 2006

Coffin Bay sketches

I thought that as we were still at Coffin Bay this time last week, and I think I sat and painted these little sketches then I would put them up. Was it only last week? Gosh we have managed to do a lot in the last few days. Again I was trying to do water, not very well and I notice that my horizon is not straight in the first one, funny I thought it looked ok in the painting.
We are off to a funeral today, for a lovely man who bred sheep and one of the bits in his funeral notice says,"Now swapping notes with the Great Shepherd." It will be held in one of our small country churches in a beautiful setting.
It has been quite wet and cold again, I took out 18 mm yesterday morning, so I am making soup and nice warming meals, then I totally cleaned the house, a task I hate as I get such a back ache and so tired and know that I will have to do it all again next week. I would love someone to clean for me. At least at the moment all the household chores are done and I can go and play for a few days.
I am considering setting up a new blog to join the group that are walking and sketching daily, I do walk most days, sketching in winter may be difficult and as I live in the country not always feasable but I think I will see what I can do. Just finding the time to set it up and work out a name that is available!
I guess I can get up earlier and get on top of the computer using, with it being John's work computer as well sometimes it is not easy to gain access to it.
Another page done in my tiny fabric book, three more to go and I can put it all together.

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