Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fabric pages

My scanner really does leave shadows on these small pages when I scan them. I think these may be the last ones for this book. I had fun doing them, and was quite pleased with the way they have turned out.
Well we won our first match at the World Cup Soccer, and the whole country seems to have gone mad. I think there is a long way to go before we do anything else but it is nice that the last goal scorer John Aloisi is a local boy.
Today I got lost in the small windy roads in the Adelaide hills, both getting John to his meeting and getting down to Adelaide, I was feeling quite car sick by the time I had negotiated the Windy Point road. I spent the morning with a friend and we went down to Pt Adelaide to look at the developments, must spend more time there, my other blog has a tiny sketch, all I had time for while we were there. Then I had to re find my way back to John through detours etc, actually it was easier than I thought but I was late.
I seem to spend my entire time feeling tired so I hope that I can stay home tomorrow and get some jobs done.

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