Monday, June 05, 2006

Fabric Book pages

These didnt scan very well and are only two of my completed pages, They will not necessarily go together in the finished book. They are about 4"x4" and the various components have been fixed in a variety of ways, mostly vliesofix and then sewn around but some are double sided and then stitched on, I was limited by what i took away with me to add onto the pages, and only had a vague idea of what my theme would be. It actually will be called The Blue Book as all the backgrounds are blue. I started thinking people friends and wandered into clothes and animals a bit, well cats are mostly people friendly. It was really an exercise to keep me amused and no one else!
I have a physio appointment in a short time, my back is really falling apart, as I just had to take who was availbale I dont know how much help she will be, I hope a lot but am not holding my breath.
So no Adelaide and no seeing my mother until Thursday. Will have to get my grand daughter to throw the hay off and open the broken gate tomorrow, I think it was the gate that finally made this a lot worse. I probably shouldnt be so determined to do it all myself. I feel so annoyed as I have so much to do and it hurts to move. Times like these I dont enjoy getting older.
Its amazing in times like these that when you go to find something it falls on the floor or is in the most awkward corner. The time is coming to reorganise.

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