Sunday, June 11, 2006

Windmill and style

The windmill photo was taken at Longreach in Queensland, I loved the way the evening sun caught it against a darkening sky.
The sketch of the style I did this morning as I was feeding one of the pony stallions, I really dont know why there is a style there as the gate next to it is much easier to open and there is a barb wire on top of the wooden fence strut you have to climb over.
I have been meaning to walk down there again, I usually do at this time of the year, it was the old Back Valley road but is now part of the Heysen trail when the road was re -done many years ago. The Heysen trail is a brilliant walking trail that goes from Cape Jervis all the way up to the Flinders Ranges. I dont know how many kilometers but a huge number. People walk sections of it and some goes passed our property.

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Tony F said...

Magical light capture in the windmill photo Penny - well done.