Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sailing and fabric page

About this time last year we were in Melbourne and my son took us sailing, it was a perfect day, thank goodness as I get terribly sea sick. I am the one in front and my son is at the back. Cant remember if I have put this one up but it is nice to see him occasionally. We should be in Melbourne near the end of June and stay for 5 days.
This is another page of my fabric book, I am working on one more page at the moment but it wont be ready for a few days.
My back seems to be getting better although this morning you wouldnt have thought so, I was in an awful mess by the time I got in from doing the feeds, this time other granddaughter Fenella helped, I just wish she could drive a manual. Painkillers are helping but I hate taking them.
Fenella is home between school and Uni and has been learning quite fast how to clean the house and she can now cook three meals she tells me, all casseroles but that is ok as at this time of the year they are warming and filling.
We had a frost this morning and the house, even with the fire and heaters was so cold. Only good thing was that the sun was out and we had lovely blue sky.
I have been walking and sketching in the late afternoon and these are on my other blog "withmybootsandsketchbook". You can get to it through the links (I hope).

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Teri C said...

Penny, that sailboat and you are so interesting. I expect to see some sailing art at your next visit.

Your fabric pages are so interesting.