Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Playing draughts

This sketch is a bit light and dark in places it shouldnt be, but I was trying to get John and the children playing checkers. I need to practice more with people as I am not in the least bit confident , I always make John look odd and dont get his beard right and although the cildrens attitudes look right, especially Evie. Will's hands look very odd, although he was leaning on the table with them more or less like that.
I need time at the moment to practice and it isnt happening. My sister spent about 2 hours on the phone today telling me about what she had found out for my mother, she is seeing the place tomorrow and then we have a month before she has to go in. At least we have a date, not like waiting around to hear and then a day or so to get her organised. just dont know how to tell her that the time has come to move to a more secure place where she will be looked after as we would like her to be. She is very independent but really not now capable of being on her own.
I feel very depressed about it all.
I dont know what happened to my blog yesterday, I lost one did another and then they both came up. The mysteries of the computer.


Teri C said...

You did such a nice sketch of your everyday life and you caught the essence just perfect!

Tami said...

People sketches are tough! You did do a very good job with the gestures of the children, I can definately feel and see what is going on. It is just a matter of practice and that is what you are doing! The moment was captured, no matter how roughly, and it will distill the day more powerfully in your memory. That is what is important! I am so glad to see you trying it instead of turning away saying "I can't draw that".

Penny said...

thanks Teri and Tami I need a bit of yes you can do it at the moment!

Jan said...

Penny, this is a lovely sketch that will always remind you of the day - and ultimately that is what is most important in sketching. Yes, people sketches are tough - always, and I've found that sketching my bearded husband and my children is the toughest of all. I've never done one that I'm happy with, and feel discouraged every time. Be kind to yourself and go and sketch some strangers!