Sunday, June 04, 2006

Being a home town tourist

The replica of the 17th century Dutch ship the Duyfken which did some of the earliest maping on the Western Australian coast arrived in our port yesterday. Not that we really have a port, but she was there and we walked over to Granite Island to get a better look, we were late in the day, about 4 as it had rained heavily after lunch but the sun came out for a brief time and I managed to get this photo, I have a sketch up on my other blog, which last night I put the wrong link in, I am still struggling to get a link that works up. I think this is it If it is not I will try again!! (I have had the most fustrating time ever trying to get my links up!!).
The other photo is of the two horse trams meeting on the Island just before they pass each other. We are one of the few towns who still have their historic trams running. I could have done without the bystander but thats what happens. We had a lovely walk, had a coffee, saw a young seal cavorting around the rocks below where we had our coffee and walked back to the car.
It has been very damp and cold, so what is new, its been like that for ages and I must not complain as we need a good wet winter for a change. Just that my back is playing up with the cold.

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Alison said...

Finnian will be pleased to see this photo tomorrow. The daily walking is doing wonders for my bad back. I love all your flower paintings - they have a delightful quality that carries them far from the ckiched,I think.