Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Yesterday near the bluff, today at Normanville

Yesterday we walked the cliffs, saw a pod of dolphins but too far away to get a photo, havent seen them for a while, we were later in the morning, perhaps they get up late! Apparently they were seen playing with a mother whale and her calf yesterday at Middleton. To day we went over to the other side of the gulf to sell a few books and went down to Normanville and walked the beach. Saw a white egret and not on my photos but about 4 little plover on the beach. the river had wandered a lot further to the south and I dont remember it being so far down, but then I dont remember the little plover on the beach when I was a child either. Photos of what is left of the jetty, there are photos of me aged about 1 year sheltering from the sun under this jetty, it was a lot longer then, now bad winter storms have almost finished it off. A lovely morning that finished with some distant cousins of Johns calling in to see us. Now I am house cleaning again, people coming to inspect on Friday. I do wish that something positive would happen. It is all getting rather depressing, but sunny days like this do help.

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