Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Glorious walk this morning at Pt Elliot

After a day and night of very heavy rain and wind this morning was lovely. We had to go over to Pt Elliot and had a walk around the steps. Saw them bringing the new tuna cage into near granite island which will be set up as an aquarium , too far away for decent photos but it will be interesting to see how it goes. Heavy seas this morning and big swells. I love the way the aloes flower at this time of the year, I notice that a property that has been sold near us has ripped out all their aloes, here I am planting them, not a lot of nectar around for the honey eaters at this time of the year except for them. I know people get thingy because they are from South Africa, poo to them I say. We have hovely sun this morning but a few big clouds. More rain forcast I think. We had people through today, doubt if anything will come of it but the house is clean and tidy with some flowers in. I am in a panic about what or where anything will go, not sleeping well, still doing little bits, cant see a lot of point until I know what or where we will be. I am having a lovely time re reading Marjorie Allinghams' Albert Campion books.


Robin Mac said...

I love those aloes and I think it is more important to have nectar for the birds than being a purist and only having natives!
I must get some Marjory Allingham books to listen to, I have had fun listening to Ngaio Marsh's Inspector Alleyn books. They have a different feeling when they are on audio.
I hope you find out soon what you are doing, uncertainty is always daunting I think.
Hot and sunny here - crazy!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The Aloes are lovely. I have never seen them before. I can't imagine pulling them out. I do every thing I can to draw wild life to the yard. Hope you get at least a nibble on the house. It's hard to be stalled when you want to move forward.
xx, Carol