Thursday, July 13, 2017

Baby blanket done

I seem to have been doing this forever, it seems much bigger than the last one. It is OK but I feel it should have been better. Trying to get it done through all my eye problems has been a bit of a nightmare, along with trying to sort through drawers, cupboards and boxes, I need a lot of sitting down to try and get my eyes to calm down. Let alone having the house clean and tidy for people to come through. I am afraid they will have to put up with things in boxes, oh dear.


Mahalya sree said...

Really, these quotes are the holistic approach towards mindfulness. In fact, all of your posts are. Proudly saying I’m getting fruitfulness out of it what you write and share. Thank you so much to both of you.
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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Penny, your blanket is very pretty. I can hardly believe you were able to finish it with your eye issue. Have a really nice weekend. You worry too much about what needs to be done. Take care of YOU!
xx, CArol

Hildred said...

oh Penny, your blanket is very sweet. I am sorry you are having eye problems, and such a pain when you feel you have to have the house tidy at all times. People are used to boxes, - they won't mind.