Saturday, July 22, 2017

Aloes at Pt Elliot

I love it when the aloes are out. John thought he should sell my old skis and would I take a photo I think they are too old and he has buckleys but we will see. I should have taken a photo of the stuff T and J took out of the shed today. They took a heap of stuff yesterday and were back today. I know it is junk but rather nice that some one else appreciates my old bent wood chair, a lovely old little fire that I have loved for years (in the shed) and other stuff. One persons junk is another persons well junk, but it is nice to think it is going on in the family.They did find my very old typewriter which I have rescued. I am afraid there is so much more to go. Millie tells me she now has two drawers of socks after yesterdays effort and no they are hers, not Mummy's. Yesterday some of the family were out to go through clothes I no longer wear (including socks) and the shed with boxes that came from my mother probably over 10 years ago. We did have a problem in that some of the boxes had got wet and some were full of ants. Still they all went home with something. It is also a bit depressing as I now no longer even feel that I want to re do stuff but T does.

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